Prilosec and Hair Loss Prilosec and Hair Loss Connected

Hair Loss and Prilosec Linked?


Hair Loss and PrilosecOne of the most commonly asked questions in the world regarding hair loss is can Prilosec cause hair loss. The answer to this question is actually quite detailed and complex, and so if you are one of those many people who is interested in knowing the link between hair loss prilosec, then you are definitely going to want to read on so that you can find out more.

Can Prilosec Cause Hair Loss?

The question of can Prilosec cause hair loss is one that has been being asked for quite some time now, and yet surprisingly enough still not that many people actually understand the answer.

Basically Prilosec is a type of medication that is used to treat heartburn, and it is actually the first proton pump inhibitor (PPI) to be available over the counter for the treatment of heartburn. It is designed for people who experience heartburn more than twice a week, and it is also available in pill form.

Hair loss and prilosec are unwittingly linked together. As with most other medications, there are certain complications and side effects that can arise from use of this product, and in this case, hair loss is one of the possible side effects that you can experience.

However, if you think that this means that if you take Prilosec you are definitely going to suffer from alopecia, then you should know that this is definitely not the way to be thinking.

After all, the side effects are all only listed as being possibilities, and so you may experience few to even none of those side effects that are listed. However at the same time you may experience some to most of them and so you really have to be prepared either way.

Just make sure that you speak to your doctor beforehand, so that you can talk more about this with them and so that they can let you know if there is anything that you can do in order to avoid having to deal with any of the listed side effects of a product such as this.

As well, there are also many other products that are available today for the treatment of heartburn that do not list hair loss as one of the possible side effects, and so if you are really worried about this, then you may just want to go with another product all together.

Alternatives To Prilosec

Ginger - helps get the food out of the stomach and moving along - thus preventing the acid from reaching the esophagus.
Gastro Health (formerly Herbal H-p Fighter) fights the bacteria which may cause stomach distress, gas, & possibly ulcers.

Scientific studies have determined that the Helicobacter pylori bacteria is the primary cause of stomach ulcers. Besides ulcers, h pylori and nausea sometimes go hand in hand. Back in 1994, NSP set out to find an effective herbal combination to combat this nagging microbe. After two intensive years of search, NSP developed Herbal H-p Fighter, now called Gastro Health. Ulcer victims are sure to benefit from the soothing strength of this unique combination as Gastro Health is a great H Pylori ulcer and heartburn treatment. Or quite simply cure your heartburn without the use of drugs or medications.

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Ramipril and Hair Loss

Ramipril is often regarded as one of the major medications that cause hair loss. It is in actual fact named as the main side effect of taking this drug. It is important to speak to your doctor to see if you can take any other medications instead of this. Read more on Ramipril and Hair Loss. Like hair loss and prilosec, Ramipril has many other alternative treatments available.

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